Classification and selection of ultrasonic flowmeter

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Classification and selection of ultrasonic flowmeter


Ultrasonic flowmeter mainly consists of ultrasonic transducer (or ultrasonic flow sensor consisting of transducer and measuring tube) and transducer installed on the measuring pipe. The converter can be divided into fixed disc type and portable type in structure.

The transducer and the converter are connected by a special signal transmission cable, and the junction box shall be installed in the appropriate place for the fixed measurement. An external clamp transducer is usually fitted with a mounting clamp and coupling agent.

Classification of ultrasonic flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeters can be classified from different angles.

1. Classification according to measurement principles: There are 5 types of closed pipes according to measurement principles, and the two types most commonly used are the propagation time method and the Doppler method.

2. Classification by measured media: gas and liquid. The two media are respectively dedicated to the propagation time method. Due to the different working frequencies of transducers, the gas is usually between 100~300kHz and the liquid is between 1~5MHz.

The clamped transducer cannot be used in gas instruments because of the low ultrasonic propagation efficiency between solid and gas boundaries.

3. The propagation time method is classified according to the number of channels: According to the number of channels, there are four kinds of channels: mono channel, double channel, four channel and eight channel.

In recent years, there are three channels, five channels and six channels. The multi-channel configuration of four channels and above plays an important role in improving the measurement accuracy. Each channel can be divided into the following types according to the distribution position of transducers.

A. There are two kinds of monophonic channels: Z (transmission) and V (reflection).

B. There are three kinds of double channels: X method (2Z method, intersection method), 2V method and parallel method.

C. There are 4Z and parallel methods of four channels.

D. There are two kinds of eight-channel parallel method and two-parallel four-channel intersection method.

4. It is classified according to the installation mode of transducers

A. Removable installation

B. Fixed installation

Selection of ultrasonic flowmeter

1. According to the medium type selection to be measured, the liquid type or the gas type should be selected first.

2. Whether to use mono channel type or multi-channel type according to the measurement accuracy requirements. Generally speaking, the measurement accuracy of multi-channel ultrasonic flowmeter is higher than that of single-channel ultrasonic flowmeter.

3. Select external clamp ultrasonic flowmeter or pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter according to installation site conditions. If the piping on the installation site cannot be stopped or disconnected, external clamping is the only option.

4. Choose ultrasonic flowmeter according to economic ability and other factors.

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