Force sensors and weight sensors

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Force sensors and weight sensors


Strictly speaking, the weighing sensor is only one kind of force sensor. The weight sensor can only measure the force perpendicular to the horizontal plane pointing to the center of the earth, so it is generally used in weighing apparatus. Other force sensors have a wider range of applications because they can measure forces in any direction.

A force sensor (a weight sensor) works by increasing the resistance of a piezoelectric sensor embedded in a silicon wafer as it bends under any external force. Through the stainless steel ball, the force exerted by the sensor is directly concentrated on the silicon-sensing element, and the change of resistance value is proportional to the size of the applied force. The change of circuit resistance results in the corresponding change of mV output level.

Force sensors (weighing sensors) are mainly used in medical infusion pumps, movable non-inverted pressure pumps, plugging detection, renal dialyzer, load and pressure sensing, variable tension control simulation, robot end sensors, wire welding equipment and many other applications.

Force sensor (weighing sensor) classification: Generally divided into S-type force sensor (weighing sensor) and spoke type force sensor (weighing sensor)

S-type force sensor (weighing sensor) features: the sensor elastomer adopts shear or curved cantilever beam structure, one end is fixed, a section of force, shape height is low, structure strength is high, can be used for a variety of tensile force and compression force bearing and measurement. Features: dustproof seal, wide range, high precision, stable and reliable performance, easy installation and use. It is suitable for automatic industrial measuring and controlling system of electronic weighing and weighing.

Wheel-spoke force sensor (weighing sensor) is characterized by: its elastomer adopts short and high shear beam, excellent rigidity, strong resistance to lateral force, and has overload self-lock in structure. Glue sealing and welding sealing are adopted on the protection, which reach IP67 and IP68 respectively. Therefore, they are widely used in truck scale, tie road scale, force measuring machine and lifting scale.


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