Five kinds of vibration sensors are introduced in detail

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Five kinds of vibration sensors are introduced in detail


Vibration sensors can be classified according to different current principles and vibration modes, which can be roughly divided into 5 categories. The following is a brief introduction of the integrated vibration transmitter.

First, inductance type vibration sensor

This kind of sensor is a vibration sensor designed according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. The inductive vibration sensor is equipped with a magnet and a magnetic conductive body. During the process of using it, it can measure the vibration of the object and convert the mechanical vibration parameters into electrical parametric signals. Therefore, it is more convenient for you to understand and read these inductive vibration sensors, which can be applied to vibration velocity, acceleration and other parameters, and it is better to measure the required parameters.

Second, the eddy current vibration sensor

This principle is: eddy current effect is the working principle of vibration sensor, it belongs to the non-contact sensor. When it is in the work, the eddy current type vibration sensor is through the sensor end and the change of the distance between the object, which is according to the displacement measurement of vibration parameters of the object, so its accuracy is better, so it is mainly used for vibration displacement measurement, so we also want to do when buying according to the needs of the choose and buy yourself for a different instrument;

Third, capacitive vibration sensor

It is through the gap or the change of the common area to obtain the variable capacitance, and then the measurement of the capacitance and then the mechanical vibration parameters. The principle of capacitance of everyone is to know, in this way, we also it is not hard to understand the capacitive sensor type can be divided into variable clearance vibration public area and variable type two kinds, the former can be used to measure the linear vibration displacement, which can be used for the torsional vibration angular displacement measurement, whether object what components in change we can all measured;

Fourth, resistance strain vibration sensor

It is a vibration sensor to express the mechanical vibration of the measured object by the change of resistance. There are many ways to realize the resistance strain type vibration sensor, which can be applied to various sensing elements, among which the resistance strain gauge is the most common one.

Fifthly, piezoelectric vibration acceleration sensor

The sensor USES the piezoelectric effect of the crystal to complete vibration measurement. When the vibration of the measured object exerts pressure on the piezoelectric vibration sensor, the crystal element will generate corresponding charges, and the number of charges can be converted into vibration parameters. It can be divided into piezoelectric acceleration sensor, piezoelectric force sensor and impedance head

Whether it's displacement, vibration, common area or variable clearance. Instruments can be measured according to these changes and analyzed into data for our analysis, so the use of sensors is also becoming more and more extensive!

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