Strain characteristics of pressure sensors

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Strain characteristics of pressure sensors


The diaphragm intelligent pressure sensor has a measurement range twice as large as the inductive sensor and can detect not only metal targets but also dielectric materials such as paper, glass, wood and plastic, and even through walls or paper shells. Since the human body is equivalent to an electric conductor at low frequencies, there have also been tremors and burglar alarms for human use.

When measuring component strain, the strain gauge paste directly on the artifacts, but if you want to measure force, pressure and acceleration signal, should first convert these quantities to strain, and then measured with strain gauge, much more than direct measurement with a conversion process, complete the conversion process is often referred to as the original original elasticity, therefore, usually by the elastic strain sensor is composed of the strain gauge and sensitive to the original.

Elastic sensitive element is the core component of sensor, which requires elastic element to have high elastic energy storage. It is usually expressed as the ability of elastic material to store deformation work without permanent deformation. The pressure sensor has good mechanical processing and heat treatment performance, and has strong compressive strength. The correct selection of elastic sensitive elements and strain gauge bridge is an important way to improve strain sensor due to its characteristics such as low temperature influence.

1. The measuring range has high optical precision, and the force sensor can measure the force from 0.01 to 1000000N, with the precision reaching above 0.05%FS; The pressure sensor can measure the pressure of 0.1-1000000, and the accuracy can reach 0.1%FS.

2, stable and reliable performance, long service life, such as weight, according to the mechanical lever because of leverage, blade parts, such as friction loss and distortion, each other to keep its accuracy is rather difficult for a long time, made of resistance strain type weighing transducer electronic pump, truck, rail weighbridge, etc., can long-term stable work under harsh environmental conditions.

3. Excellent frequency response characteristics. Generally, the response time of the resistance strain gauge of the pressure sensor is 0.01MS, while the response time of the semiconductor strain gauge can be up to 0.001MS. If measures can be taken on the elastic elements, the strain sensor composed of them can measure the dynamic process of tens of kilohertz or even hundreds of kilohertz.

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