Installation and application of DC large current sensor

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Installation and application of DC large current sensor


Dc large current sensor as a current sensor, its performance should not be very well understood, DC large current sensor can be used to measure 0~500KA DC large current, is a Hall detection type DC large current sensor using Hall component as a detection element. It converts the measured current into Hall potential, and then sums up and amplifies the measured rated current into rated DC voltage of 0~5V and DC current signal of 4~20mA.

Dc high current sensor applications

Dc large current sensor adopts special circuit module, with simple structure and reliable operation. The sensor head is composed of two parts: the sensor head and the transformer feed box. The sensor head is very convenient to install, use, maintain, check and overhaul. Mainly used in metallurgy, chemical, carbon and other industries as high current precision measurement, detection device, but also as a control element.  

Dc large current sensor installation Method:

(1) according to the site conditions and the shape of the sensing head size decided to installation, again according to the need, size of homemade support base plate (or block), support plate material can be used plastic, epoxy board, veneer, or if the permeability material such as hard wood with ferromagnetic materials for sensing head mounting bracket, should use nonmagnetic materials such as wood block, keep the distance between the sensor and stent is greater than 80 mm.

The bus to be measured should be placed in the center of the sensor head window and should be perpendicular to the sensor plane.

The sensor head installation position should be as far as possible away from the other conductive bus and far away from the bus corner.

(4) The distance between the circuit box and the sensor head is best set within 10 meters, according to the need can be extended special cable.

5 cable plug and sensor head lower half ring of the two sockets can be arbitrarily connected, the remaining half ring of a socket to be connected with the jumper cable and upper half ring socket.

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