Four main causes of temperature sensor casing rupture and five solutions

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Four main causes of temperature sensor casing rupture and five solutions


In many engineering applications, we have found that the casing of temperature sensor in use will break, which will affect the safety of production machine operation, and even cause accidents in serious cases. Through investigating the casing rupture of the sensor and finding out the causes, it is found that the main reasons for the casing rupture of the temperature sensor are as follows:

(1) The casing of the temperature sensor is impacted by the high-speed fluid, so the load is too large and the stress exceeds the limit, leading to the casing rupture;

(2) The processing defects of the temperature sensor casing itself lead to stress concentration, which is easy to cause casing fracture;

(3) Excessive pipe vibration causes fatigue damage of temperature sensor casing;

(4) When the fluid flows through the temperature sensor casing, the casing vibration of the temperature sensor is induced, that is, the natural frequency of the temperature sensor casing and the frequency of the fluid vortex shedding produce resonance. This resonance phenomenon causes the temperature sensor casing to damage faster and break.

Based on the above situations that are likely to lead to the temperature sensor casing rupture, we conducted research together with the thermal control and metal majors and found that the occurrence of temperature sensor casing rupture can be reduced through the following ways.

(1) Strictly control the insertion depth of sensor casing. As the insertion depth increases, the force on the casing increases by a factor of two. Therefore, when we measure the temperature, we only need to insert the temperature sensor casing into the isothermal region of the fluid instead of inserting it into the center of the pipe, which is conducive to shortening the length of the thermometer bag cantilever and reducing the amplitude at its end.

(2) Under the condition of ensuring the necessary strength of the sensor casing, optimize the diameter of the temperature sensor casing. Because when the diameter of the temperature sensor casing increases, the force on the surface bag increases linearly, so when selecting the diameter of the surface bag, it is necessary to reasonably ensure the strength of the casing and stagger the resonant danger zone as far as possible.

(3) Change the shape of the cross section and process the surface into a structural pattern, so that the fluid will not produce vortex shedding phenomenon.

(4) Strictly control the quality of maintenance, do a good job of inspection of the sensor casing material, and do a good job of flaw detection, to prevent welding cracks, fractures and other abnormal accidents.

(5) When the system is put into operation, avoid the sudden full opening of the valve on the pipeline. At the moment just put open valve, temperature sensor casing will suffer great ChanXiangLi, so just put into operation in the system, should slowly open valve, make the system pressure rise gradually, minimize temperature sensor casing the pressure difference between the front and back, avoid caused by excessive one-way bearing casing pipe fracture accidents.

When any sensor is put into use, there will always be some unexpected situations. We should combine theory with practice and put forward corresponding solutions according to the specific situations.

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