Compensation technology of thermal zero drift of pressure sensor

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Compensation technology of thermal zero drift of pressure sensor


Scholars at home and abroad have done a lot of research on zero drift compensation of pressure sensors, and published a series of compensation techniques and algorithms. On the whole, it can be divided into two directions: hardware compensation and software compensation. The representative methods of these two directions are briefly introduced below.

1. Hardware zero compensation method

For pressure sensors, hardware compensation methods include the proper constant resistance method on the bridge arm, the bridge arm thermistor compensation method, the bridge outside the series, parallel thermistor compensation method, double bridge compensation technology, triode compensation technology, etc.

2. Software compensation method for zero drift

In the process of signal acquisition, the trigger signal to trigger the acquisition and not occurring at the end of the collection of these time periods, the input signal is zero, the output signal is not zero, the output data were collected in the form of random noise exist, for data calculation and processing is meaningless, we define value to the collected signals, this period of time is called zero drift.

3. Polynomial fitting normalization method

Because in the actual measurement. The temperature, pressure and other physical quantities measured by the pressure sensor will not have a strict linear relationship with the output value, so its functional relationship is usually in the form of polynomial. Polynomials can be used to fit nonlinear signals. The key lies in solving their coefficients.

4. RBF neural network method

Basic principle: In general, the formula method of zero-point temperature compensation software algorithm is more complex, and the precision of cutting fitting is often limited. The artificial neural network method has the advantages of small sample size, simple algorithm, arbitrary function approximation ability and good application prospect.

Software method also includes the look-up table method, interpolation method and so on, and some manufacturers starting from the characteristics of the sensor itself, the use of special techniques, such as change, such as doping concentration or self calibration technique is used to solve the problem of zero drift, but these methods compensation accuracy is not high, the effect is far from the above three methods is good, so here is a list.


In general, the above hardware compensation and software compensation methods can realize the zero drift of the sensor caused by temperature, which are both effective approaches. However, compared with foreign development, what we have done is far from enough and there is still a long way to go. Draw lessons from the zero-point compensation and zero-point temperature compensation technology of sensor manufacturers at home and abroad, accumulate experience and develop independently. Hardware compensation is important and has its own advantages, but after all, with the development of information technology, the miniaturization and intelligentization of instruments and equipment is a self-evident trend, so we must intensify the research on its compensation methods, especially in software compensation, and the use of neural network compensation method is particularly important.

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