Determination of sensitivity of liquid level transmitter

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Determination of sensitivity of liquid level transmitter


The liquid level sensor can be used for measuring the liquid level of various media in electric power, metallurgy, water supply and drainage, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other systems and industries. The sensitivity of the liquid level sensor is very important to the measurement of the liquid level, so how to choose, the following for you to introduce this knowledge.

Within the linear range of the liquid level sensor, the higher the sensitivity of the sensor, the better. Because only the sensitivity is high, the value of measuring the corresponding output signal is relatively large, which is conducive to signal processing.

However, it should be noted that the sensitivity of the liquid level sensor is high, and the external noise is easy to mix, which will also be amplified by the amplification system, affecting the measurement accuracy. Therefore, the sensor itself is required to have a high signal-to-noise ratio to reduce the external interference signal.

The sensitivity of a sensor is directional. If it is a single vector and its direction is required to be higher, sensors with small sensitivity in other directions should be selected. If the measurement is a multi-dimensional vector, the cross sensitivity of the sensor is required to be as small as possible.

If the temperature inhomogeneity of the upper and lower liquid is not taken into account, the density can be considered uniform and the weight can be easily calculated from the volume. However, the temperature, density, viscosity and other physical quantities of the measured medium are often not uniform in the large container of the liquid level sensor, and may change with time and temperature, resulting in measurement errors.

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