Several requirements to ensure that the displacement sensor is not easily damaged

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Several requirements to ensure that the displacement sensor is not easily damaged


Displacement sensor, also known as linear sensor, is a kind of linear device belonging to metal induction. The function of the sensor is to convert various measured physical quantities into electrical quantities. There are several important points in the use of the linear displacement sensor, which are also the root of the damage of the displacement sensor.

First of all, line aging and wear in mechanical motion are easy to occur in the environment where the displacement sensor is used. At the same time in the use of a lot of impurities easy to mix, water mixture and oil will seriously affect the brush contact resistance. It is often the case that the output of the sensor is not stable, or that the digital display will often jump.

The second point is the problem of power supply, which of course excludes some displacement sensors that do not have their own power supply. The general displacement sensor is provided with 24V power supply. When the capacity of the power supply becomes smaller, the movement of molten glue will transform the display of the electronic ruler of the closing mode, and there will be fluctuations, or the movement of closing mode will make the display of the shooting displacement sensor fluctuate, resulting in a great error in the measurement results. If the driving power of the solenoid valve comes from the linear displacement sensor and the power supply is together, the above situation is more likely to occur. If the situation is serious, the voltage range of the multimeter can even measure the related fluctuation of the voltage. If the situation is not caused by high-frequency interference, electrostatic interference or insufficient neutrality, then it may be caused by too small power of the power source. In this way, it is very important to have sufficient power of the displacement sensor, and it is necessary to frequently detect the power supply of the power source.

Said above digital pulse signal output instability problems above, there is also a possibility is frequency modulation interference and electrostatic interference, first displacement sensor signal lines and equipment of high voltage lines to separate trough, displacement sensor using grounding bracket must be mandatory, and at the same time make contact displacement sensor shell with good ground. To check whether the displacement sensor is affected by electrostatic interference, you can first use a section of power cord to short connect the cap screw of the displacement sensor with some metal on the machine. As long as it is short connected, the electrostatic interference will be eliminated immediately. However, if you want to eliminate high-frequency interference, it is difficult to use the above method, the robot hand is often high-frequency interference, so you can try to stop the high-frequency saver or manipulator method to verify whether it is high-frequency interference.

To sum up the above problems, it is necessary to adjust the alignment, parallelism and Angle of the displacement sensor to avoid unnecessary errors. If the parallelism error and Angle error are too large, it is also possible to display digital pulsation. In order to ensure that the displacement sensor is not frequently damaged, we should first confirm the quality assurance problem with the manufacturer at the time of selection, then find the manufacturer's instructions for strict installation, and then inspect the sensor at ordinary times, which needs to detect the changes of the sensor data inregularly. As long as these regulations can be implemented, the displacement sensor damage rate will be greatly reduced.

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